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Photokina 2010: GFAE announces CAPcam, the next generation view camera

CAPcam stands for computer aided photography.


Video shows: focussing, swing & tilt, macro scan and panorama.


CAPcam shown without bellows. The 6-axis base unit is sold separately from the camera head.



Q: For who is it designed for ?
A: CAPcam addresses professional photographers demanding the same freedom and quality known from view cameras, but not willing to spend that much time, needed to operate a traditional view camera. Because of its ruggedness and because CAPcam does not require special training nor dealing with the Scheimpflug principle, this camera is also best suited for rent studios.

Q: Can I use an iPad or iPhone to control the camera ?
A: There is no need to do so. The CAPcam application is running on the same platform the capture application does. There is no need for additional devices on your desk.

Q: Is 3D photography supported ?
A: The base unit allows to move the camera in a user definable eye distance and vanishing point. Merging and storing this images in an appropriate format must be supported by the capture application.  

Q: When will the CAPcam ship ?
A: GFAE starts shipping the camera head in the first quarter of 2011. The base unit is sold separatly. Estimated shipment is in the third quarter.

Q: Where to buy ?
A: Please contact for your local dealers address.


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GFAE CAPcam jetzt  "der photograph"  (PDF)